Accessories for Harvia Cilindro - now available with LED lights

Safety is a part of a great sauna experience – safety railings available for all Cilindro models

Stylish and safety improving railings consist of four wooden arches, which attach to each other and the heater with stainless steel brackets. Wood material is heat-treated aspen. Safety railings are now available as LED lighted versions HPC3L and HPC4L. The downwards beamed light emphasizes the heater beautifully and creates a tranquil atmosphere in the sauna.

Stylish embedding options – now available with LED lights

For finishing the bench embedding there are two embedding flange options, HPC1 and HPC2. Both are made of stainless steel. The embedding flange protects from the heat radiation, and thanks to it, the embedding hole is only slightly larger than the sauna heater, making the heater appear as an integral part of the interior. Embedding flange HPC2 is now available as LED lighted version HPC2L. The heater's surface and stones look magnificent when illuminated from below - as does the steam.

Harvia Cilindro

Harvia Cilindro EE

Harvia Cilindro 110EE