Tapio Pajuharju has been appointed as the new Managing Director of Harvia – Pertti Harvia becomes a member of the Board

Tapio Pajuharju (53) is the new Managing Director of Harvia. Pajuharju has been a member of the Harvia Board since 2014. Pajuharju’s previous roles include executive positions at Lumene and Hartwall, and he has strong expertise both in the domestic market and the Russian and US markets. Pajuharju will start in his new position by 30 June, and he is expected to further drive Harvia’s growth. Current Managing Director Pertti Harvia will continue as an active member of the sauna company’s Board.

The world’s leading sauna heater manufacturer is seeking growth in the international market. Tapio Pajuharju will steer Harvia, a company in good shape, more firmly towards the export market.

“Strengthened by Tapio Pajuharju’s extensive international career and diverse management experience, Harvia will take the next leap in the internationalisation of its business operations and sales network. The appointment shows that Harvia is an attractive employer that attracts respected and experienced leaders. We would like to thank Pertti Harvia for the dedication and energy that he has poured into Harvia, developing it into one of the top companies in the industry. We are very glad that the Board can still benefit from his long experience,” says Olli Liitola, Chairman of the Board of Harvia.

Before joining Harvia, Mr Pajuharju was the General Manager of Hartwall. In this position, his main responsibility was to increase the company’s business and market share in Finland and abroad, in places such as the Nordic countries, Russia and the Netherlands. Prior to that, he was the President & CEO of Lumene, promoting numerous projects related to internationalisation, product portfolio development and brand renewal.

“I am humbled by Harvia’s impressive history that spans 60 decades. It is a pleasure and an honour to join such a successful Finnish company together with CapMan and the Harvia family. As a member of the Board of Directors of Harvia, I have learned that the company already has an exceptionally talented team and a strong position in Finland, as well as in selected export markets. I will place particular focus on boosting Harvia’s international growth on the sauna and wellness markets through a strengthened sales, marketing and brand strategy. Furthermore, an entrepreneurial approach and the possibility to invest in Harvia are important to me,” says Tapio Pajuharju, the new Managing Director.

The global sauna market has immense growth potential. Thanks to Harvia’s leading market position, the company is excellently poised to reap that potential. At the moment, Harvia exports its products to more than 65 countries, and in addition to its headquarters in Muurame, Central Finland, the company has production facilities in China, Estonia and Russia. Approximately 60 per cent of Harvia’s revenue of EUR 47 million currently comes from exports.

“The key to Harvia’s success is the expertise of its personnel. This, combined with top-notch product development and efficient production, ensured that our organisational culture is strong and growth-oriented. We have many loyal customers and a respected brand, which allows us to fare well in both domestic and international competition,” Mr Pajuharju says.

Pertti Harvia becomes a member of the Board

Private equity company CapMan invested in Harvia in 2014. The Harvia management was approaching retirement and looking for a partner that would facilitate the transfer of Harvia to the next generation and support business growth without affecting the core of the company. Current Managing Director Pertti Harvia (65) will become a member of the Harvia Board of Directors and continue to contribute to the development of the company that was originally founded by his father.

“Tapio Pajuharju is an excellent choice as the leader of Harvia. He knows the sector and, more importantly, he knows Harvia. I want to welcome Tapsa to our energetic team and I believe that he is the right person to take Harvia to the next level. During my career of 45 years, I have performed a wide range of duties—from part-time metal worker to managing director. Now, I’m looking forward to my new role as Board member in this success story with CapMan,” Pertti Harvia comments on his future role as a member of Board.