Copying claims of IKI-Kiuas Ltd. have been denied

IKI-Kiuas Ltd. has strongly claimed in public that Harvia Ltd. has copied their heaters. The claims have been proved to be a groundless publicity stunt.

IKI-Kiuas Ltd. sued Harvia Ltd. and some other manufacturers for breaking the protection of designs. IKI-Kiuas Ltd. has claimed in media that the founder of the company Jouni Kerrman has developed the steel frame heaters with open structure and the so called technology of steel frame heaters. According to the claim they would have exclusive rights for heaters with open structure.

Helsinki municipal court has denied the claims of IKI-Kiuas Ltd. and judged Jouni Kerrman and IKI-Kiuas to pay the legal costs of Harvia Ltd., total 25000 €.

There have been steel frame heaters with open structure for long time in several countries and they are still being manufactured for example in Russia, Northern China and Baltic countries. It is difficult to say who developed the heaters with the open structure.

The Kivi and Legend heaters designed by Harvia Ltd. are new and characteristic as the copyright of design law requires. National Board for Patents and Registration has granted the protection of designs after accurate research. So the claims of copying are groundless and insulting.

Harvia Ltd. considers further legal action against IKI-Kiuas Ltd.

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